Protesters stage a fight in front of Pechersk district court

A confrontation between a driver and a member of the rally who blocked the driveway broke out near the Pechersk court during a hearing on the case of bodily harm to Sergey Vlasenko’s wife Natalia Okunskaya.

As reported by the Ministry of Interior, both people involved in the incident appealed to the law enforcement agencies, but one of them retracted his claim and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Law enforcers said that today metropolitan police received a message, via telephone line 102, from a Kiev resident who said that unknown people beaten him at the intersection of Bogdan Khmelnitsky St. and Khreschatyk. Investigation unit of Shevchenkivsky district police drove to the scene.

However, when law enforcers arrived on the scene, their way was blocked by a group of EuroMaidan activists. People surrounded the official car, stopping police officers from moving.

When, finally, the applicant approached the investigation unit, he explained that he was trying to drive your own car from Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street to Bessarabska Square. At the time, he intended to bypass the group of protesters standing on the roadway near Pechersk district court of Kiev.

An unidentified man in mask and camouflage blocked his passage. After verbal sparring between the driver and pedestrian, the man hit the driver through the open car window, pulled him out of the car and began to inflict blows. About ten people came to the aid of the unknown person, pushing about the driver and hitting his car with helmets. The victim called the police.

One more person, a member of the rally, approached the police at the scene with a statement about bodily harm – however, police officers compiled the appropriate protocol, the man took the materials and fled in an unknown direction.

Now the materials of the event have been included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under Article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code; the victim might be sent for a medical examination to determine the severity of the injuries.

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