Kharkov Anti-Maydan rallies under the flags of the Party of Regions

Today, January 11, Kharkov hosted a rally in support of President Viktor Yanukovych and against EuroMaidan. People started gathering from the very morning near the monument to Shevchenko, the usual location of local EuroMaidan, standing along the driveway of Sumskaya Street, from Constitution Square to Freedom Square. Anti-Maydan gathered about two thousand people.

Protesters were standing along the Sumskaya street with flags of Ukraine and the Party of Regions, as well as with banners reading “You want Maidan – go outside the city”, “Enough lazing on EuroMaidan! Go back to work!”, “Yes to calm and stable life in Ukraine! No to EuroMaidan debauchery”, “Kharkov likes the President”, “Maidan does not fill the Budget”, and so on.

A stage has been set up near the Shevchenko monument. Anti-Maidan protesters support the course of Viktor Yanukovych, oppose holding the EuroMaidan forum in Kharkov, and highlight the benefits of agreements between the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia. The rally will last until 21.00 and will continue on January 12.

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