Nikolai Azarov: our producers must be admired

Domestic producers and entrepreneurs must enjoy the most favourable conditions, writes Azarov on his Facebook page. Well-being of the nation depends on it.

"I have said many times that we must admire our producers, our business. That would be the focus of the Government work in 2014. If we want to significantly accelerate the economy, we must continue deregulation, reduction of the administrative burden on business, removing business obstacles, fight against corruption, while creating conditions for the modernization and investment in our industry," says Azarov.

The Prime Minister also outlined the importance of the soonest approval of the country's budget, as the document includes measures of the state economic development program.

"It is important now to quickly adopt the state budget and, respectively, the budgets of regions, cities and districts, to complete all this work in January, so that development programs get funding," said the PM.

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