Crimea’s resort office enumerated 602 tourist facilities

As of January 1, 2014, 602 tourist object has been enumerated in Crimea, reports the website of the republic’s Ministry of resorts and tourism.

Enumerated facilities include museums, sacred monuments, objects of cultural heritage and natural reserve fund.

Most of the objects are located in Yalta - 120, in Feodosia - 98, Eupatoria - 60 and Alushta - 59.

"The largest percentage of certified objects is in Saki - 87% and in the Black Sea region - 57%. The lowest percentage - in Leninsky (4%) and Razdolnensky (7%) regions. The greatest number of cultural heritage sites and food facilities is located in Feodosia - 12 and 28 respectively. The greatest number of objects of natural reserve fund located in Yalta," says the report.

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