“Maidan bristles up” - commandant

EuroMaidan self-defense unit was up during the night after the unsuccessful picketing of Sviatoshynsky district court, said EuroMaidan commandant Arsen Avakov on his social network page.

"Maidan bristles up. Self-defense has been raised up. After hospitalization of Yuri Lutsenko, conflict with Berkut forces on Peremogy Avenue near the Sviatoshynsky police station is gearing up. All reserves of Maidan self-defense have been sent there. About ten people's deputies. We’re trying to find a solution. In government district, there are about 2,000 riot police. There is no more reserves, and no panic. We are content and in full coordination,” writes Avakov.

This message appeared in the Internet around 2 am on January 11, but half an hour later UNIAN information agency reported that protesters are leaving the location near the police building.

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