72 participants of Euromaidan addressed the doctors during the holidays

During the holidays the protesters addressed the doctors of the emergency medical aid with complains about the alcohol intoxication, with acute respiratory viral infection symptoms and with overcooling.

The Department of Healthcare of the Kiev City State Administration reported that from December 31 till January 8 72 participants of Euromaidan addressed the doctors of the emergency medical aid.

Among them 12 people complained about fever and colds, 34 people were diagnosed injury or overcooling, the rest were rendered the medical aid for chronic diseases and alcohol intoxication.

The doctors have also recorded the cases of rash and of acute conditions of the mental illnesses.

Out of 72 people who needed medical care 10 people were from Kiev, 60 citizens were from other cities and 2 people were homeless.

The profile Department noted that in connection with the protests there is the additional load on the emergency medical services and hospitals in the capital. Thus, the first aid teams keep vigil in the places of the protests. More than 515 persons were delivered to the city hospital since the beginning of the protest. All in all 924 protesters addressed the doctors for the medical aid.

Among the diagnoses of those who needed in-patient medical treatment were injuries, acute conditions of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, mental disorders, alcohol intoxication and others. The doctors note that under such conditions it is becoming more difficult to maintain the proper level of the quality of the medical care services for the residents of Kiev.

In this regard the Department of Healthcare appeals to the protesters with the request to assess their own health condition adequately and to avoid participation in mass activities if they have serious chronic or other diseases. They also advise to observe the rules of personal hygiene, not to abuse alcohol and to avoid situations that might provoke incidents of chilblains, overcooling and injuries.

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