Zaporozhye region celebrates 75th anniversary today

Today the residents of Zaporozhye region celebrate 75th anniversary since the foundation of the region.

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych congratulated the residents of Zaporozhye with the holiday: "Today Zaporozhye region is an important center of aviation industry, energy sector, metallurgy and mechanical engineering. The leading enterprises of Zaporozhye became well-known far beyond the borders of our country. However, industrious and talented people are the real treasure of the region."

Viktor Yanukovych thanked the residents of the region for productive labor for the benefit of Ukraine and wished them good health, prosperity and happiness.

Also the chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Ribak and the governor of the region Alexander Peklushenko congratulated the residents of Zaporozhye on the occasion of the anniversary.

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