48 million UAH will be spent from the budget to inform the Ukrainians about functioning of the government

48.1 million hryvnas are allocated in the budget of 2014 for coverage of the activity of the parliament, government and president of Ukraine in the media.

According to the project of the budget of Ukraine, most of the state money will be spent on the coverage of activity of Verkhovna Rada - 26.6 million UAH, which will be distributed between television channels, radio stations, parliamentary newspaper Golos Ukraini and magazine Veche.

17 million UAH will be spent on publishing of the information bulletin Official Herald of the President of Ukraine. For reasons unknown the line of publishing the bulletin is shared with support of the national chamber ensemble Kiev Soloists and museum complex Mistetskiy Arsenal. It is not clear how much money from the sum the ensemble and museum will receive.

The government newspaper Uriadoviy Kurier will cost the budget 4.5 million hryvnas this year.

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