Kharkov alpinists will climb the most difficult to ascent peak in the Caucasus

The official web site of Kharkov alpinist club informed that alpinists from Kharkov and Odessa went to Georgia, where they will climb the South Ushba (4,710 m), which is one of the most difficult peaks of Caucasus.

In this way the alpinists from Kharkov open the season of 2014. "The weather is favorable, there is little snow, and the alpinists get ready for the ascent in the framework of the championship of Ukraine in south-western wall," the members of the expedition reported.

Ushba is one of the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains in the Georgian region Upper Svaneti, which is 1.5 km to the south of the border with Russia. It is not among the ten highest peaks in the region, but it is known for a double summit, a steep profile and unstable weather. Many alpinists believe that Ushba is the most difficult peak in the Caucasus to ascent.

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