Ukraine wants to get another 6 billion for the development of nuclear energy from Russia

The press service of the Ministry of Economic Development with the reference to Valery Munyatin, the representative of the government for the issues of cooperation with Russia, CIS countries and Eurasian Economic Community, informs that Ukraine intends to take a $6 billion loan from the Russian commercial banks for the development of nuclear energy.

The money received in the framework of Moscow agreements dated December 17, will be used for the production of nuclear fuel and construction of the third and fourth power units of Khmelnitskaya nuclear power station.

It is also planned in future to attract investments for the construction of Kanev and Dnestrovskaya hydroelectric pumped storage power plant, expansion of Kakhovskaya hydropower station, uranium hardrock mining in Novokonstantinovskaya field, development of Tashluk hydroelectric pumped storage power plant, for the energy complex of Yzhnoukrainsk nuclear power-station in the whole and for the construction of the plant for production of nuclear fuel.

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