Euromaidan called on the residents of Kiev to protect the entrance halls from sewage

One of the leaders of Euromaidan Yegor Sobolev called on the residents of Kiev to lock the entrance halls and, if possible, arrange 24 hour watch by the dwellers to prevent provocations.

The activist assures that the provocateurs in groups of several people will make mischief in the entrance halls of the apartment buildings in the heart of Kiev.

"It is already evident that currently Kiev City State Administration by order from Bankova Street is trying to overwhelm Maidan with filth. The waste is not taken away, cleaning of dry closets is blocked, and due to the above-zero temperature the situation in the heart of Kiev is extremely unfavorable.  In addition, the day before yesterday the electricity was switched off. That is, this is an obvious attempt of the authorities to gain withdrawal of Maidan by means of complicating its everyday functioning," RBC-Ukraine cites Sobolev.

According to the activist, the provocateurs began to make mischief in the entrance halls of apartment buildings since January 8.

"The scheme is very simple: when the dry closets on Maidan do not operate, the provocateurs are put in action, who make mischief in all the entrance halls within a radius of 3 km from Kreshchatik, to prejudice the residents of Kiev against the protesters and to show that Euromaidan spreads sewerage and insanitary," Sobolev noted.

Yegor Sobolev is one of the organizers of Automaidan, the leader of the public movement Volya.

According to the director of Kiev city contact center Yegor Stefanovich more than 200 residents of Kiev complained of Euromaidan during the holidays. The city residents complained of unbearable living conditions created by Euromaidan and demanded to introduce proper order urgently. Such calls are received by the special service of Kiev City State Administration on the telephone number 15051. In the center of the city waste bins disappeared and garbage heaps appeared near many apartment buildings. Also, according to Stefanovich, the residents of Kiev complain that they cannot let children go for a walk, because there are many asocial elements among the participants of the protest.

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