Two children's Euromaidans, one Maidanbus and $800 were gathered for Ukraine in Canada

The portal of diaspora VIDIA informs that young Ukrainians of Canada held their actions of solidarity with Euromaidan. Children sang the anthem of Ukraine at school premises, chanting "Glory to Ukraine" and "The one who is not jumping is not with us."

In particular, this action was held by a Union of the Ukrainian Youth in Edmonton. The participants of the Ukrainian bilingual program in Sherwood Park also expressed their support of the Ukrainian protesters.

On the video one can see children singing the anthem of Ukraine and shouting "We are with you, Ukraine", "Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes", "The one who is not jumping is not with us", "The one who is not jumping is not ours".

The Ukrainian community in Vancouver continues to actively assist the participants of Euromaidan in Kiev. In particular, the community activists have raised more than $800 for the needs of the participants of Euromaidan. The Ukrainians in New York are planning to drive Maidanbus through the whole city in order to tell the American public about the protest events in Ukraine.

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