The ultraright party of France requires liquidation of the European Union

Radical French party «National Front» convinced of the futility of the European Union and stands for liquidation of EU. «We need to build a new Europe, a Europe of free nations. How can it be done? By liquidation of the EU», the leader of the party Marine Le Pen said in L'avenir.

First in June, 20, 2013, at the meeting with students of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Le Pen acted with such a statement.

«The European Union organizes totalitarian processes, when decisions are made without the opinion of the people and even against it. In 2005, at the referendum on adoption of the European Constitution in France, 55 % of the population voted against it. However, three years later, the deputies of the National Assembly imposed the French people by adopting Euroconstitution», the politician said.

«In economic terms, the EU is absolutely ineffective. The European Union I now call the European Soviet Union», said Le Pen.

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