Ukraine guards real estate of Berezovsky

Real estate of Russian businessman and political figure Boris Berezovsky in Ukraine is arrested. The query of the arrest of Berezovsky’s property came out from the Russian Federation. The General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika informed about this.

The criminal matter of Berezovsky is still on the consideration by Serbian court, in particular the seizure of assets of the eight companies Berezovsky in Serbia, which acquisitions were offshore.

In the Russian Federation consolidated criminal matter on the state debt of 3.2 billion rubles, a significant part of which belongs to Boris Berezovsky, hasn’t been closed yet.

Recall that the criminal case against the oligarch was initiated in 1999. Because of allegations of fraud, money laundering and forcible seizure of power Berezovsky was denied in permission to enter Latvia, Switzerland and Brazil. Berezovsky was forced to migrate to the UK, where he spent the rest of his days. In March the body of the dead Berezovsky was found by police management of the Thames. The cause of death was hanging.

Despite the worsening of financial state of the oligarch, his property at the period of death is estimated 800 million dollars.

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