Over Christmas holidays 85,000 schoolers visited Kharkov

Over the New Year's vacations about 85,000 school students visited Kharkov festive performances, museums and exhibitions.

The information was revealed today, January 9, by Tatyana Dziuba, resource specialist at Scientific and Methodological Center of the Department of Education.

According to her, the statistic covers the period from December 23 to today. In particular, about 62,000 children visited the shows at the Sports Palace, City Palace of Children and the Regional Palace of Children.

Various city theaters, both academic and alternative, welcomed about 12,000 students over the vacations. About 10,500 young Kharkovites visited various museums, exhibition centers, planetarium, zoo, ecological park and other recreational and cultural facilities. The resource specialist stressed that theater and museums visits were organized by all Kharkov school.

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