Acting Kiev head to dismiss the head of Kiev Zoo

Anatoly Holubchenko, acting head of Kiev City Administration, announced his intention to replace the head of Kiev Zoo.

Holubchenko said this during inspection of the zoo.

According to the head, the capital's zoo will have several parallel inspections, which will check the conditions of animals’ keeping, operation of the infrastructure unit, the implementation of the collective agreement, as well as the financial activities of this municipal body.

“It is difficult to assess the state of affairs in Kiev Zoo as positive, but the current director does not take any effective measures for sustainable operation of the enterprise and zoo development. There are many complaints about the director of the zoo; moreover, I received a collective statement from employees about violations and non-compliance with the collective agreement. All of the above necessitates replacement of the director of the enterprise. I think a contest for the vacant position of the director of the zoo will be announced shortly. The main requirement for the prospective candidates will be to design a program of development of the Zoological Park,” said Anatoly Holubchenko.

During the inspection, Holubchenko expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of the logistics, zoo premises and landscaping, noting that large funds have been allocated for the development of the enterprise, but not used.

“One of the main claims against the management of the enterprise is that they failed to manage the funds allocated for the development of the zoo. So now we will send financial audit to the zoo, then we’ll check labor relations, in particular, the issues of implementing the collective agreement. In addition, for some time we will conduct unannounced inspections of animal welfare and their food. Certain conclusions will follow from the results of the examinations,” said Anatoly Holubchenko.

According to the acting head of Kiev City Administration, the officials are considering setting up a Supervisory Board at Kiev Zoo.

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