Odessa Film Festival started selecting films for 2014 program

Odessa International Film Festival began screening films in the competition program in 2014, event organizers report.

The festival program consists of international and national competitive programs, as well as hors concours programs: festival of festivals, The Russian Film Week, gala premieres, retrospectives, open air shows, etc.

According to the organizers, this year they will set up an advisory board, which will include cinema experts from around the world, for even better selection of films. Director Valeri Todorovski, director of the Israeli Film Foundation Katriel Schori, representative of German Films in the Eastern Europe Simon Bowman and others have already confirmed participation.

The selection committee of the Festival will include Victoria Tigipko, Alik Shpilyuk and Ilya Dyadyk.

As president of the Festival Victoria Tigipko has noted that the festival program, as always, will be focused on feature films designed for mass audience. “This concept has already matured as a result of several years of festival development; by reaction of the audience we understand that these are the films that our viewers want,” said Victoria Tigipko.

The fourth Odessa International Film Festival will be held during July 10-19, 2014.

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