In Ukraine 70 fish species are on the verge of extinction

In Ukraine the number of flocks of native fish has shrunk with 70 species being on the verge of extinction, says press service of the Ukrainian Fishermen Association, citing its chair Alexander Chistyakov.

“There are many diseases in domestic reservoirs. They have accumulated so many environmental issues that none of the environmental or law enforcement agencies will be able to cope with it without public participation. Ukraine needs a new water policy! There are many regulatory bodies on the water, but if you ask why water reservoirs have less and less fish, no one will answer,” says Alexander Chistyakov.

According to Chistyakov, out of 1.1 million hectares of domestic fresh water surface, only 250,000 hectares are used in aquaculture. The head of State Fish Monitoring watchdog Victor Dronik added that 60% of the used water bodies are used inefficiently: domestic producers grow less than four metric quintals of fish per hectare of water surface, while abroad the same area produces 30 metric quintals.

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