The exhibition of illustrations of famous literary works will take place in Kharkov

Tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. in the art center Workshop (Ludwig Svoboda Avenue 57) the opening of the exhibition of the works of Galina Zinko "Books with Pictures" will take place. The artist will present more than 50 illustrations to different literary works.

All of them are united under the common topic: Christmas holidays. Part of paintings is original graphic comments of the works of such classical authors as Vladimir Nabokov, Ivan Bunin, Stefan Zweig and James Fenimore Cooper. The artist referred to creative work of the contemporary writers: Andrei Makarevich and Alexandr Vasilev. The exhibition is of particular interest for the visitors with children.

The little residents of Kharkov will have an opportunity to enjoy illustrations to the favorite fairy tales, such as Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood, The Scarlet Flower, The Dove Story, Frosya, Confectionery Stories and The Snow Queen. A lot of works of the artist will be exhibited for the first time.

Galina Zinko creates her paintings using a unique technique called linocut. This is a method of engraving on linoleum that allows creating huge pictures. Moreover, the illustrator uses watercolor, and computer graphics helps her to paint fine details.

It is difficult to limit the works of Galina Zinko by a certain artistic style. Many people believe that her illustrations are drawn towards surrealism.

The exhibition will be open for 10 days until January 19. The entrance is free of charge.

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