Kharkov photographer is going to preset the pictures of the Siberian rivers

Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in the gallery Kostyrinskiy Lane (Kostyrinskiy Lane, 1) the opening of the exhibition "The Way of River" of Kharkov photographer Vladimir Ogloblin will take place. Kharkov residents will be shown for the first time more than 30 photos of the Siberian rivers, most of which were taken downstream of the river Lena. This exhibition is a part of photo project "The Life of Great River".

Vladimir Ogloblin commented on the choice of the name for the exhibition as follows: "The name of this exhibition emerged almost immediately, as soon as I looked down at one of small rivers of the Western Siberia. As though someone twisted the riverbed on purpose, so that it would be difficult for the river to accelerate its run, its flow through space and time".

Unique photos will be exhibited till January 30.

Vladimir Ogloblin is a well-known Kharkov photographer, member of the Union of Photographers of Ukraine, the laureate of numerous competitions both in Ukraine and abroad. He is known for his beautiful landscape photos. His creative biography has more than 30 personal exhibitions, as well as more than 20 albums and books, in which his pictures were used.

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