Olympic center for athletes in water sports will be constructed in Kherson region

The press service of Kherson Regional State Administration reported that Olympic center for training athletes in water sports is planned to be constructed in Kherson region.

The aim of the construction of Olympic center is provision of an adequate level of training of athletes in water sports of the region for participation in competitions at the Ukrainian as well as the international level.

According to the project, the center with total area of 12,000 square meters will be built in Zurupinsk district on ground area of 25 hectares. The sports complex will consist of the central swimming pool with towers for diving, slipway to store boats, hotel complex and gym with medical and rehabilitation facilities.

In addition to this, it is planned that there will be track and field complex, playground and running track with special coverage on the territory. 500 athletes will have the opportunity to work out there.

According to Kherson Regional State Administration, 180 million UAH is needed for the construction of Olympic center. The needed funds are booked in the State budget of Ukraine.

It is planned to finish the construction of the object of social importance in 2 years.

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