In Vinnitsa region the monument to Lenin was destroyed

In Vinnitsa region unknown people broke the head of the monument to Lenin. The incident occurred in the morning near the village council of Vinnitsa region in the village Poberezhnoe. Having beheaded Lenin, the destructors made several inscriptions on the pedestal: "Hammer and sickle is death and hunger", "The executioner of the Country", "The communist should be hanged", "Glory to Ukraine".

The accident did not leave the local residents indifferent, who immediately reported to the police about the incident. The law enforcement officers have already begun the investigation, but there are no results so far.

"Our residents are outraged by what have happened, nevertheless, this is our history. The police are looking for the criminals, but so far without success," the press-secretary of the village council Vita Voloshuna stated.

The local radio station called the City over the Bug informed about the incident of vandalism in front of the building of the village council, referring to the union of the regional significance Svoboda.

The wave of pulling down of the pedestals to Lenin earlier took place in Odessa, Zhitomir and Kiev.

Let us remind that the most resonant one was the case on Bessarabskaya Square in Kiev, where the activists of Svoboda with the participation of hundreds of people destroyed the monument breaking it into small pieces, shouting "Away with Ilich! ", "Lenin will disappear, and the regime of Yanukovych will disappear as well."

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