The Ministry of Internal Affairs is waiting for Chernovol for the investigative experiment

The Deputy of the Head of the General Investigation Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Alexandr Gnativ stated that the police have already carried out all the necessary investigative actions, the implementation of which was possible without the participation of the victim. The rest of the procedural actions require the direct participation of Tatiana Chernovol.

"We are waiting when Tatiana Chernovol will be discharged from the hospital, because it impossible to carry out the investigative experiment, simultaneous interrogations, and identification of the suspects without her participation. This is very important for the determination of the truth in this case and for checking up the evidence of the suspects," Gnativ stressed.

He also noted that the investigation has the information from the doctors of the medical institution, in which Chernovol is provided the treatment, about the fact that currently for health reasons the victim needs ambulatory treatment and may be discharged from the hospital. However, the victim continues to stay at the hospital of her own free will.

Let us remind that on the night of December 24 the unknown men severely beat the journalist and the public person Tatiana Chernovol.

The Court elected the preventive measure in the form of detention of the suspects in the case concerning the beating of the journalist Tatiana Chernovol.

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