Audience awaits "Twin Peaks” revival

Director David Lynch is planning to shoot a sequel to the famous “Twin Peaks” cult show. The casting announcement for filming the sequel series has been placed on Facebook page of Sande Alessi Casting agency. The project will be directed by David Lynch. The casting welcomes female residents of Los Angeles aged between 18 to 27 years.

"Hot Caucasian girls - brunettes or redheads - are required only for waitresses role.The applicants must have a gorgeous body, big bust and expressive face,” warns the ad.

The first season of "Twin Peaks" was filmed in 1989; the series were shown on US TV in 1990-1991. In 1991 shooting of new "Twin Peaks" series suddenly was canceled, and for a quarter of a century there was no question about their revival.

"Twin Peaks" TV series includes 30 episodes. The premiere of the first season gathered 8.15 million viewers by the TV screens. Some of the series Lynch shoot personally, but most of the episodes were filmed by a guest director. The plot revolves around the murder of schoolgirl Laura Palmer, investigated by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan). In 2007, the "Time" magazine included the series into the list of "Best TV shows of all time." The series and the shooting team were nominated for the “Emmy” award 14 times.

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