Brit defaces portrait of Elizabeth II, convicted

Jurors on Wednesday recognized "Fathers for Justice" activist Tim Harris guilty of damaging the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

In June last year, 42-year-old Harris used a spray paint to write word Help on Queen portrait exhibited at Westminster Abbey. The work of Ralph Heymans was acquired by the Abbey for 160,000 pounds sterling, its restoration is estimated at 7,300 pounds sterling, RIA Novosti reported.

In his closing speech in the court of London's Southwark, the attacker said that he wanted to draw public attention to the "social catastrophe" of fathers who are prohibited from seeing their children.

"The pain of losing my children has been like a living bereavement for me. I believe that contact denial is a hate crime and an abuse of children's fundamental rights," he said.

Meanwhile, the organization Fathers4Justice previously stated that it did not authorize Harris actions.

Tim Harris verdict will be announced on February 5.

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