19 million unemployed in the Euro region, 26 million - in the EU

The number of unemployed in the Euro area in 2013 has increased by half a million to 19.2 million (excluding residents of Latvia), inform the official statistics of the European Commission.

According to UNIAN (Ukrainian news agency) correspondent in Brussels, this data is indicated in the official data released by the European Commission.

According to statistics, unemployment in the 17 Euro-zone countries increased by 452,000 for the period from November 2012 to November 2013,while in the 28 EU countries, the number of unemployed grew by by 278,000 over the same period.

This puts EU unemployment at 26.5 million people, Euro-zone unemployment - at 19.2 million.

The data does not include residents of Latvia as the country became the 18th member of the Euro-zone on January 1, 2014.

Euro-zone unemployment rate has been stable since April, at 12.1% of the working age population, thanks to summertime seasonal work. However, unemployment among under-25 generation of Euro-zone is 24.2%, twice the average unemployment level.

Traditional differences between the Euro-zone countries remain, too. The worst employment situation is in Greece, where 27.4% of the working population cannot find the work, followed by Spain with 26.7% of the unemployed. At the same time, Austria's official unemployment rate is 4.8%, in Germany - 5.2%.

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