Vasiliy Stoyakin: the Ukrainian society is in some mythological space

In Ukraine the communication of authorities and the public is not well developed. And, therefore, when it comes to economic issues and, moreover, to economic integration, the voice of reason is lost and mechanisms of propaganda type are switched on.

Such opinion was expressed by the political expert Vasiliy Stoyakin during the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”.

According to him, the 3 variants of how the government explains the meaning of its actions have already emerged in Ukraine.

"The first option is, figuratively speaking, an old one, when the government does something and does not comment it, only sometimes telling "everything will be all right". The first and the second the government of Viktor Yanukovych was strongly criticized for this tactics.  Thus, something is done in the country, it receives a positive effect, however, the society does not know about it.  So, for example, the failure of the presidential campaign of Yanukovych in 2004 was explained exactly by the fact that the government did not consider it necessary at all to establish any communication with the public. And in the beginning of work of the government of Azarov, when the Minister of Emergencies was Shufrich, I remember Nikolay Yanovich made him a comment that he spoke too much about himself. He said then: "You should work!" This option is not good," Stoyakin noted.

According to him, the second option was demonstrated by Yulia Tymoshenko.

"Tymoshenko did not work at all, organically she was not able to work systematically, but she knew how to speak very nice, and did everything on time. It is worth mentioning that Tymoshenko, in spite of the bustling actions, managed to explain people significantly more positive things, which her government did. That is the government of Tymoshenko was a huge, but at the same time, a rather effectively working pirate structure," the political expert considers.

The third option, according to Stoyakin, is demonstrated by the current government of Azarov. "At some stage Nikolay Yanovich was explained that he had to comment the actions of the government. Gentlemen, it has become even worse. Earlier they did without explaining. Now they partially work and partially explain. Herewith, they do not know how to explain. Here Nikolay Yanovich, who is very responsible, have already made a dozen of statements about the fact that the Russian gas will become cheaper in 15 minutes, because they have been negotiating and have almost reached the agreements. And every time after that nothing happened. And you can imagine what confidence in the words of Nikolay Yanovich after all this should be. And this is an example of how the Ukrainian elite treat the Ukrainian politics. It is surprising that, in such a state of affairs, we are able to speak on these topics at all. That is why, when it comes to any economic issues and more over to economic integration, the voice of reason is lost and pure mechanisms of propaganda type are switched on," Stoyakin considers.

According to him, the Ukrainian society is in some mythological space because of the inability of the government to communicate the information.

"The people came to some conclusions themselves, because of this they themselves went to Maidan, they themselves made something in order of people's initiative and rule of people, without thinking of the consequences. After that I am not surprised that Russian and European colleagues believe that Ukraine is not able to make agreements. Because, as soon as the process of negotiations begins the mythological mechanisms that have nothing do with reality immediately are switched on, and naturally they cannot be understood by the opposite party," the political expert emphasized.

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