African swine fever found in Ukraine

Case of African swine fever, or Pestis africana suum, was identified in Lugansk region. On January 5 the guards on duty in the Stanichno-Luhansk region, found a dead boar on the Derkul riverbank and handed corpse for expert evaluation to the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service (GVPS). After examination, on January 6 the expert team established the cause of death of the animal - African swine fever (ASF).

On January 7, the meeting of State Emergency Antiepizootic Commission (SEAC) at Stanichno-Lugansk regional administration decided to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the ASF in Ukraine.

Since there is no effective care or treatment of ASF, the only way to prevent the spread of disease is to destroy all the pigs in the infection outbreak region.

Ukraine has already had an ASF case - on August 1, 2012 in the village Komishevatka of Zaporozhye region.

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