Russian comedian Zadornov has no intention to apologize for “Euro-Ukres", even if he is denied entry to Ukraine

Russian satirist, playwright, humorist Mikhail Zadornov is not going to apologize to the Ukrainians, standing on "EuroMaidan" for publicly calling them “Euro-Ukres”, says Yullia Eliseeva, press secretary of the satirist.

“Mikhail ridiculed expediency and meanness of many of those who came to the Maidan, ridiculed the desire to “join Europe” - for the sake of Ukrainians themselves, because he is sincerely worried about their choices and the events taking place in Kiev,” quotes UNN news agency the press secretary.

She also said that the Euro-Ukres tag wasn’t invented by Zadornov - allegedly, the satirist borrowed the definition from Ukrainian social networks.

Yulia Eliseeva reminded that Zadornov is a satirist, and this genre involves such statements. Moreover, she said, Zadornov’s jokes about the Russian authorities are more biting, and he calls Moscow businessmen “Euro-Moskals” for their commitment to the West.

The press secretary also said that such statements have already closed for Zadornov the doors to Egypt and the US, he was tried to deny entry to Lithuania, so Zadornov will not be scared if Ukrainian border closes for him.

"Ten years ago, after a show in Kiev, he already was visited and threatened with banning entry to Ukraine, which he loves dearly. He replied to this, “The scariest thing would be if you requested me to stay,” quoted Zadornov’s press-secretary. “I’d like to note that Mikhail not apologize, even if he denied entering Ukraine,” added Yulia.

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