“EuroMaidan Security" beaten and robbed women-volunteers

EuroMaidan Security personnel robbed female volunteers working for one of charities. Police opened criminal proceedings regarding the case.

One of the women was led, partially nude through the Independence Square. The victim claims that a man with “Commandant” badge directed the actions of intruders, says the metropolitan police.

"On December 31 female volunteers approached the Shevchenko district office of the Metropolitan Police. Complainants reported that unknown persons, who identified themselves as “EuroMaidan Security” brought them into a room in the house of Trade Unions of Ukraine, took their boxes with cash, documents and personal belongings,” note in the department.

Law enforcers said that after this one of the women was forcibly dumped into pedestrian underpass. The young people inflicted injuries on another representative, tearing her clothing and brutalised her, leading the woman partially naked through Independence Square and shouting offensive remarks.

The victim claims that a man with Commandant” badge on the chest directed the actions of intruders.

Immediately after the event, the women turned in Shevchenko district management of the Metropolitan Police. Information about the incident was entered into the Unified Register. Victims received an assignment for forensic examination to determine the severity of his injuries. Preliminary, the doctors diagnosed the victims with soft tissue bruises and hematomas.

On this case, investigative unit of Shevchenkyvskiy Department of Metropolitan Police in Kiev launched criminal proceedings on the grounds of Part 2 Art. 186 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery). This crime is punishable by imprisonment for a term of four to six years.

Pre-trial investigation continues.

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