EuroMaidan activists picketed the Prosecutor General office

Today, January 8, about 300 protesters gathered in Kiev to picket the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Victor Pshonka, the Prosecutor General, was not at his office at the time.

According to People’s Deputy Alexander Brygynets, the picketers approached building of the Prosecutor General to find out about the progress made in the investigation of riot police actions on November 30, December 1 and December 12, as well as in other cases, including those related to the implementation of the law on decriminalization of the protesters’ actions.

However, according to Brygynets, Prosecutor General's Office reported that the Prosecutor General himself is out of the office.

“Theoretically, Prosecutor General may come to work at 13.30. The employees do not say where he is currently," wrote Brygynets on his Facebook page.

Having failed to meet Victor Pshonka, protesters went back to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

"We sang the national anthem of Ukraine and the picket went back to the Maidan. The People’s Deputies remained at the location for possible meeting with Pshonka at 13.30. Though no one believes this meeting would materialize," said Brygynets.

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