A major magnetic storm expected for today

On January 7, the largest for the past few years solar flare was recorded at the Sun; the flare is caused by a group of sunspots. The X-ray flare was given rating 10, the highest. The biggest spot is twice the size of our planet.

"The group of spots that we’ve managed to pinpoint is located near the central meridian. It seems we are unlikely to observe an additional increase of the proton flux with respect to the near-Earth space, as we are already seeing the growth of flow by S1 level. About the geomagnetic disturbances, currently we have no specific information about it but, according to preliminary data, the storm should should be expected in any case ... in a few days," informs the representative of the Institute of Applied Geophysics (IPG) of RosHydromet, Russian Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Agency.

It is expected that the cloud of solar plasma will reach Earth on January 9, causing a magnetic storm here. Scientists warn that magnetic storms disrupt the operation of navigational equipment and precision instruments and can adversely affect health.

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