Archpriest Maksimenko created a new National Anthem of Ukraine

The Cleric of the Church of the Nativity in Kurilovka of Dneprodzerzhinskaya Eparchy of the UOC Archpriest Yevgeny Maksimenko proposed a new text to the Anthem, which he composed himself. Archpriest believes that music by Mikhail Verbitsky should be replaced by more «solemn bravura chords of» the Hymn of the Soviet Ukraine composer Anton Lebedynets.

«I believe that we must get rid of the text, which tells of problems and troubles. In the text of the Hymn of Ukraine sounds somewhat sorrowfully. We must switch to the period of creation», said Archpriest Yevgeny Maksimenko today, in January, 8, at a press conference organized in the media centre of «DNEPR POST».

According to the Cleric, the text was written during 15 minutes. «I had 23 hours and 45 minutes on my direct duties», said Archpriest Yevgeny Maksimenko.

Archpriest Yevgeny Maksimenko, National Anthem of Ukraine, media center «DNEPR POST»


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