India refused to release Ukrainian sailors of the ship Seaman Guard Ohio

In the city of Tuturikon (state of Tamil Nadu) the Indian court decided to leave the crew of the ship of Seaman Guard Ohio arrested. Among the arrested members of the vessel, there were three Ukrainian citizens. One of them - 60-year-old Valentin Dudnik, captain of Seaman Guard Ohio, earlier tried to commit suicide.

Not long before, in late December, 2013, lawyers of AdvanFort, the ship owner, tried to release the crew members on bail, established by the Indian court, which was 10 thousand rupees, that in recalculation is 118 Euro for each arrested. Let's remind, there were 35 people on the ship, who are in prisons of Palayamkotayi and Puzhala.

Because of absence of appropriate permissions to the weapon found on the board of the ship, as well as illegal due to India’s law transportation of tons of diesel fuel, representatives of the Indian Prosecutor's office, thinking that the country is threatened with danger, successfully appealed the decision of the court.

In January, 7 the court of the city of Tuturikon annulled the decision to release the crew members on bail.

India, Tuturikon, Seaman Guard Ohio, AdvanFort, Ukrainian sailors

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