Patriarch Kirill: There is the threat of division of Ukraine

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and of All Russia in his Christmas interview to the Russian journalist Dmitriy Kiselev on the TV channel Russia-1 told about the impending danger of split of the Ukrainian nation. The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Russia said that Ukrainians are the native nation for him and that he prays for them every day.

"I pray for Ukraine, I pray for these people. I understand that there is a threat of split of the nation and the threats of the next civil confrontation. Actually what we are seeing now is a revolutionary situation," the Patriarch stated.

The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Russia noted that during the revolution "people begin to speak the language, using such a methodology, application of which never leads to the solution of any issues."

"The revolution is liberation of passion. This is the usage of internal energy of people for the solution of the specific issues. And usually the main task of the revolution is the change of elites," he noted and informed that the ideas, proclaimed by the revolution, "are not the program in fact".

The Patriarch reminded about the slogans of the revolution "equality, brotherhood, freedom" in France, where later "the Jacobinic terrorism came, and then the dictatorship of Bonaparte came."

"This does not mean that I address with the appeal to reconsider the political points of view. The Church was never linked with the specific geopolitical project. If it was so there would be no church," Patriarch Kirill emphasized. The hierarch reminded that, "The church brings the words of reconciliation, it appeals to the soul of a person, it should help the people to get together in this difficult time, to concentrate and, maybe, to lay the foundation for such a dialog, which would help to solve the problems that Ukraine faced today."

The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church called on peace and tranquility, as well as spoke against the presence of priests at Euromaidan.

"The Church may not refer to the political programs. And when the priests, who incite people, appear on the barricades, this is not a message from the church," the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church stated.

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