The Electronic court will start to work in Ukraine

The Supreme Court of Ukraine implements the pilot project: the Electronic Court, in the framework of which the participants of the trial process in civil and criminal cases will be able to obtain the necessary information to e-mail and cell phone in the form of SMS messages.

As reported on the official website of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, having sent the application in the section “Information for the Citizens” on this web-site, the participant of the trial process will be able to receive the summons in the form of SMS, in which he or she will be informed about the day, place and time of consideration of the case.

Moreover, it would be possible to receive the final judicial decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine to a personal e-mail. The application form to receive such service may be filled out in the section “Information for Citizens” on the website of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Also in the framework of the project The Electronic Court, electronic system was implemented in the Supreme Court of Ukraine, which would enable one to obtain on demand the materials of the case. To get the materials one needs to send the resolution of the court on the case to the Supreme Court of Ukraine via e-mail.

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