Twitter protects homosexuals from Okhlobistin

The open letter of the actor to the President Putin with a plea to resume the penalty for sodomy was removed from the network by the management of Twitter.

In the letter Okhlobistin complained to Putin that the current legislation on the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality is not effective enough, as the existing "officially registered communities of homosexuals" are the self advertisement themselves. According to the actor, Putin should not delay the decision, as the gays may get the status of the "social group" and "the constitutional opportunity to ravish the young generation".

The actor published the letter via Twitter using the Twitlоnger service that allows posting long texts exceeding 140 characters. After some time the text of the letter disappeared from the service, but Okhlobistin stated that he had not deleted it.

The original of the text was saved by other users and is spread in the Internet. According to the version of one of the numerous comments of this story, the post was deleted by the manager, who officially declared in his account that he was bisexual.

The second version of the reason for deleting the post is the open letter of the League of homosexuals and lesbians of Russia to the head of Apple Tim Cook with the request to review the relationship with the Russian representative office of Twitter because of the words of Okhlobistin.

It is known that for the third year in a row Mr. Tim Cook was named the most influential gay in the world according to the version of the most popular publications among the gays Out Magazine.

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