The Senate of the USA adopted a resolution on Ukraine

The Ambassador of the United States of America in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt informed in his Twitter that "Last night the Senate adopted a resolution about the support of the Ukrainian people".

UNIAN news agency reported that in the text of the resolution the Senate of the USA called on the leaders of the United States and the European Union actively work in order to overcome the political crisis in Ukraine, called on the Ukrainians to continue avoiding violence and the language of hatred, anti-Semitic or any other nature, and to support the people of Ukraine. The Senate also called on the authorities of Ukraine to refrain from using the force against peaceful protesters, condemned its usage on November 30, December 1 and 11, and also reminded the Ukrainian authorities of the possibility of applying sanctions to its representatives in case such actions repeated.

As reported earlier, the leaders of the opposition addressed the U.S. Senate and the President Barak Obama with a plea to intervene in the situation in the Ukraine.

"Today three of us (Yatsenyk, Klichko and Tyagnubok - Ed.) appealed to the Congress of the United States, the Senate of the U.S. via the deputy of the State Secretary of the U.S., who visited Maidan, and gave her the letter addressed to the President Barak Obama, about the struggle of the Ukrainian people for their democracy," UNIAN news agency quotes the words of Arseniy Yatsenyk dated January 5, 2014.

The opposition demanded that the United States imposed sanctions against the leadership of Ukraine, but the U.S. confined itself to a statement.

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