A female, who spoke Russian, was beaten in the cultural capital of the Baltic countries

In Riga the female was beaten for addressing cashier in Russian in one of the shopping centers.

The victim asked the shop assistant for a plastic bag in Russian. A woman, standing next to her, began to offend her in Lettish, calling her an occupant.

"And this woman began to outrage in Lettish in front of me, telling that I had no right to speak Russian in Latvia, she began to tell me insulting things," the injured Marina told.

Marina decided not to respond to the insults and left the shopping center.

"She also left the shopping center, stopped in a small corner and did not let me pass. I told her to give me way. She turned and hit me with a fist on my forehead ," Marina told.

The victim said that neither the security officer of the shopping center, nor the cashier paid attention to the conflict. Marina called the police. The investigation on this fact was initiated.

It is noteworthy that 44% of the population in Latvia is Russian-speaking.

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