The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded that it is illegal to block private houses

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded that blocking and seizure of administrative buildings, blocking of the traffic and damage of someone else's property is punishable according to the current legislation with administrative and criminal responsibility.

"The organizers of mass actions call on the protesters to block not only some of the administrative buildings, streets, but also the private premises of the individual citizens. Such actions are not only illegal but also roughly violate the constitutional rights and freedoms of other citizens, often lead to conflict situations with law enforcement officers and with ordinary citizens," the department informed.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that within the limits provided by law authority they will respond to every unlawful deed regardless of offenders' affiliation with one or another political force.

The activists of Automaidan repeatedly arranged piquets in front of the houses, in which, according to their information, high-ranking officials live. In particular, the house of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko was piqueted.

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