Inflation is growing in Ukraine

Ukraine’s December inflation accelerated to 0.5% compared to the previous month and to 0.2% compared to the whole 2013; consumer prices growth is 0.5%, reports the website of the State Statistics Service.

According to the State Statistics Service, December 2013 is third consecutive month of inflation growth at annual rate - earlier, from May 2013, consumer price index was zero or even negative values.

According to State Statistics Service, in December (as compared to November 2013) the highest price growth was in vegetable prices - 11.2%, sugar - 8.4%, milk - 2.8%, butter - 1.8%, cheese - 1.4%, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products - 1.2%, hot water and heating - 0.5%.

Over the same period the Service recorded lower prices for eggs - by 4%, sunflower oil - 1.6%, vegetables - 1.4%, fish and fish products - 0.5%, meat and meat products - 0.4%, transport - 0.4%.

For other positions there is only a slight change in prices, within 0.1-0.3 percentage points.

As previously reported, the Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov predicted 2013 inflation rate at 1%.

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