Ukrainian student discovers new cancer treatment

Ninth grader from Rivne patented a device that can be used to treat cancer patients without applying chemotherapy.

15-year-old Ivan Ostapin patented the device that uses electric discharge for synthesis of carbon nanostructures that can be applied to treat cancer patients, reported the "Facts" news program on the ICTV channel.

This method removes the need for onerous for human body chemotherapy. However, stresses the youngster, to translate the idea into practice, the device still requires long and careful examination.

“It can be used to treat cancer by such method as introducing into a person some iron oxide, routing it to the desired area with subsequent heating for raising the temperature locally to destroy the cancer cells,” explains the guy.

The invention of the student is a new know-how in the technological revolution, the scientists say. The future is for nano-materials. Carbon nanostructures can be used in metallurgy, energy and medicine segments, helping to reduce the weight of the materials while significantly increasing their strength. With this in mind, such a device is fairly important, says the young scientist.

“It can be used in many industries, for example, for the manufacture of new materials. In electronics, metallurgy - for manufacture of composite materials, as a catalyst or additive for fuel,” says the inventor.

The schoolboy presented his revolutionary device at Ukrainian festival Sikorsky Challenge 2013, held annually under the auspices of Leonid Kuchma presidential fund "Ukraine". For the invention the young scientist received the prize of the International Fund for Investment Promotion.

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