EuroMaidan commandant suspended for stealing cash

Leaders of Svoboda party decided to remove the people's deputy Eduard Leonov from the position of the commandant of Kiev City Administration building. Eduard does not deny his guilt.

The intrigue was started by Ruslan Andriyko, the representative of Svoboda youth section who accused Leonov of embezzling funds collected for EuroMaidan functioning.

This information comes from Top News section of Ternopol news outlet “Sem’ Dnei” (“7 days”). Eduard Leonov was a member of the Ternopol Regional Council. At the time he lived in the Crimea, so many disliked his presence in the highest representative body of Ternopol Region. However, Mr. Leonov rarely missed a session and often spoke to the audiences - until entering the Ukrainian parliament on the list of Svoboda party.

Eduard Leonov does not deny embezzlement charges. According to the individual, redirection of substantial amount of funds from their main goal (to ensure normal functioning of EuroMaidan) was linked to the whims of representatives of Udar and Batkivschyna parties, who use the common EuroMaidan budget to fill their own pockets.

Svoboda representatives associate the presented version with Leonov’s failure to share the stolen money with the main nationalists, which was used by a young party activist - Andriyko - to organize his political career.

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