Tatiana Chornovol refuses to leave the hospital and wants to go to Maidan

The consultation of doctors came to the conclusion that the condition of Chornovol improved and she could continue the treatment at home, but the patient refused.

The public activist and journalist had a course of treatment at a private clinic during 13 days. The press service of the Ministry of Healthcare informed that she received a full complex of treatment in accordance with the protocols agreed with the experts of the clinics and with the consultants from other healthcare institutions.

The Ministry of Healthcare gives no official reasons of the patient's refusal to be discharged from the hospital. Tatiana Chornovol gave the first official interview to the journalists of the TSN before Christmas. She uses the Internet and receives the visitors.

"Tatiana Chornovol is holding on. She agreed to eat more fruit. She wants to recover as soon as possible in order to return to Maidan and complete the investigation of new Mezhigorie of the Family. As a specialist I feel right now that it will be a sensation. Maybe, it will be one of the best works of Tatiana," the journalist Yuri Usov wrote on his web page in Facebook after the visit of his colleague (quote from Цензор.НЕТ).

"I will not stop. I will act even more actively. I promise it to everyone," Chornovol stated in her turn.

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