There are intentions of building a monument to devil in America

The representatives of the American Church of Satan presented a project of the monument to devil. The Satanists intend to install the monument next to the building of the government and the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.

The sculpture, which is a bit taller than two meters, should, in the opinion of the authors of the project, replace the monument to the Ten Commandments, which was installed in front of the Capitol in 2012. In the project of the monument the Satan is presented in the form of Baphomet (a creature with the head of a goat, female body, the bifurcated hoofs, a candle on the head and a pair of wings). Baphomet is sitting on the throne holding the pentagram, surrounded with smiling children. The applicants explain that the monument is intended to reflect the point of view of the Satanists.

"The monument will have the functional purpose: people of any age will be able to sit on the knees of Satan in order to reflect and get inspiration," the statement of the authors of the project says.

The legislative authorities of the state, which is part of the so-called American Bible Belt, were bewildered with the proposal.

According to, the member of the House of Representatives of the state Don Arms stated, "We must be tolerant to people with different points of view, but this is Oklahoma and here some things are unacceptable."

It should be noted that, after the construction of the monument dedicated to the Ten Commandments in front of the Capitol in 2012, several groups of activists advocated its removal and installation of alternative monuments. The first were the representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union, who sued the authorities of the state. After that the local animal advocates, the representatives of Hinduism, as well as the mock Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, sent applications with alternative projects.

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