The monument to the Soviet soldiers was ruined on Christmas Eve in Lvov region

On the night of January 6 unknown people ruined the tombstone, installed on the place of burial of the soldiers in the town Gliyanu of Zolochevsk region. There were 2 statues on the pedestal; one of the statues lost its head and the other one - arms.

The department of public relations of the general administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed that in Lvov region unknown people destroyed the monument on the place of burial of 32 Soviet soldiers, who died during the World War II.

The criminal proceedings were initiated on this fact according to part 2 of the article 297 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of graves or other burial places). The punishment for such an offense is imprisonment for the term of three to five years. The structure is on the balance of Gliyanu City Council; it is not a monument of architecture and was constructed approximately in 1953.

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