Bill on payment of a fare in public transport card is compiled

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine prepared the draft law on the introduction of the new non-cash form of payment of a fare in the municipal electric transport. The Bill # 3806 «On amendments to certain laws of Ukraine regarding electronic means of non-cash payment of a fare in municipal electric transport» was submitted for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada.

To assist in the implementation of the project, the government will attract banking institutions that will offer cards for payment of a fare in trams, trolley buses and trains. In accordance with the draft law # 3806, the local government bodies will use the automated forms of payment of a fare in municipal electric transport.

Pros of the introduction of the new cashless payment for travel are obvious. It is convenient for drivers who will no more to perform the functions of cashiers. It’s also very helpful to public transport users, who will not to tinker with the money in a crowded tram or trolley, and this will allow tax service to control the income. «In addition, the vehicle will receive complete compensation», the Cabinet residents say.

Cashless payment system already has been successfully functioning in all developed countries of Europe and the world. Recently this practice was implemented in Russia and Poland.

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