The movie, which was shot by a young Ukrainian female prisoner, won a prize in Amsterdam

At the international competition "OneminutesJr Video" in the nomination "Inside Out" the short film "Hold Me" took the first place. It was shot by the prisoner Anastasiya Didenko, who is in the Meletopol juvenile prison.

Anastasiya shot the film, which is dedicated to her mother, in the fall of 2013 during the master classes, which were held in the juvenile prison by the Children's Fund affiliated with the United Nations together with the fund The Oneminutesjrs.

The movie of the girl was among the 12 films, which were selected for the final stage of the contest, which was held in Amsterdam. The total number of the works that arrived to OneminutesJr Video is 380.

It is not reported what Anastasiya will get as a prize.

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