The Ukrainians were called the poorest European nation

The Ukrainians spend on food more than the other Europeans: 50.2 % of the family budget. And that means that our country is the poorest: the higher are the expenditures for food, the lower is the GDP (one of the main indicators of wealth of the country). Such a conclusion was made by the experts of RIA Rating (Russia).

According to the rating agency, judging by this index, Ukraine outpaced even Moldova, Romania and Albania.

The experts note that in the states, in which the population is considered to be well-to-do, with high living standards and incomes, only 10-15% of the family budget is spent on food. The remaining funds are spent for leisure time, medicine, clothing and other benefits of civilization.

It turned out that the wealthiest people are the residents of Luxembourg (they spend on food only 8.8 %), Great Britain (9.1 %) and Switzerland (9.6 %).

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