The people's deputy Kolesnichenko: the representatives of the opposition have joined the fascist ideology

The people's deputy of the Party of Regions Vadim Kolesnichenko expressed indignation at the actions of the participants of Euromaidan. He is convinced that the xenophobia sentiments and neo-Nazi ideas are growing at Euromaidan. One of the evidence of that fact was participation of the protesters in the torch processions in honor of Stepan Bandera, which the nationalists organized on January 1 in Kiev and in other Ukrainian cities.

"The events that took place in the evening of January 1 are the disturbing tendencies, the challenge to the entire Ukrainian society and to every citizen of our state. We begin to understand that the xenophobia sentiments, cave nationalism and the elements of Nazism begin to dominate on Euromaidan," Kolesnichenko noted.

The people's deputy considers that such marches contribute to stirring up the international hostility and may lead to destruction of the whole country. "This is the prototype of the fascist dictatorship, and everything that is going on in the country during the recent weeks shows that the representatives of the opposition joined the fascist ideology, the intolerance and desire to destroy the state and the future of our country," Vadim Kolesnichenko said. "These are the appeals to the international hostility, confrontation, and the worst is that Euromaidan turned out to be an accomplice ... And the most characteristic fact is that the people's deputy from Batkivshchina headed all these," he stressed.

The people's deputy calls on the residents of Ukraine to unite and to resist the fascist and neo-Nazi sentiments on Euromaidan: "It is not a secret that the Party of Regions categorically condemns the Nazi sabbath in the heart of the capital and calls on the leaders of opposition to give the assessment to these actions of the members of Svoboda and Batkivshchina. There is no place for Nazism at the Ukrainian soil."

On January 1 in the heart of Kiev the torch procession to commemorate the 105th anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera was held. On the video, published in the Internet, one can see that some of the participants of the procession threw the fusees into the building of the Premier Palace Hotel.

The leader of the party Udar Vitaly Klitschko stated that the All-Ukrainian Union Maidan is not involved in the organization of the procession. The representatives of the party Svoboda stated that the incident near the Premier Palace Hotel was a provocation. After that the two members of Svoboda, whose names are not вышсдщыув, were excluded from the party.

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